Margaret McDougall- “New Report from Capability Scotland Damning Condemnation of the Bedroom Tax.”

Margaret McDougall MSP has said that a new report from Capability Scotland – “Squeezed out: counting the real cost of the bedroom tax” – proves damning for the Tory Tax.  The report rules that the almost a quarter of disabled people who responded will see their housing benefit cut because of the ‘bedroom tax’.

The report goes on to state that none of Scotland’s 32 local authorities can guarantee that they have enough one bedroom housing stock to meet the demands and that man disabled people face going without such essentials as food just to afford the bedroom tax.

Labour MSP Margaret McDougall, said: “One hundred and five thousands in Scotland shall be hit by the bedroom tax, 79% of which are disabled, many of whom need an extra room due to their disability and many of their houses have been specially adapted to suit their need.”

“The bedroom tax is hitting everyone unfairly but disabled people are being the hardest hit, no one can be excepted to just pick up and move and if your house has been specially adapted to accommodate your disability then you can hardly afford to move either. In many local authorities there aren’t enough one bedroom homes, never mind specially adapted one bedroom homes.”

“The report’s conclusions are a damning condemnation of the Condem’s bedroom tax, 76% of respondents to the survey said they would make up for the decrease in income by cutting down on life’s essentials such as food or paying other bills. On average people are losing up to £11 pounds a week and in some cases much more. The Condem’s need do an immediate U-turn on the bedroom tax and drop a policy which is damaging and targeting the most vulnerable and at risk in society.”

About Margaret McDougall MSP

MSP for the West Scotland Region

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