Labour MSP Concerned over Blacklisting

New figures released by the GMB union show that at least 43 construction workers in North Ayrshire have been affected by the blacklisting scandal.

Out of the 582 people in Scotland 43 workers live within North Ayrshire; 15 people in Ardrossan, 2 in Dalry 1 in Kilbirne, 1 in Largs, 10 in Saltcoats, 11 in Stevenson and 3 in West Kilbride have all been hit by the blacklisting scandal.

According the GMB, less than 10% of these workers know they are on a list and no one has ever been compensated.

The list was used by 44 companies to vet new recruits and keep out of employment trade union and health and safety activists, no one on the list has ever been made aware that they were on it.

Labour MSP, Margaret McDougall, said: “We need a full investigation in to this scandal. Both the United Kingdom Government and Scottish Governments should be holding investigations; ideally the Scottish Government should hold its own independent investigation, given how many people this effects in Scotland.”

“This scandal has ran for decades and has deprived people of an honest living though use of an illegal database. Many people were refused work for the simple fact that they were union members or even because the complained about health and safety.”

“Given the Scottish Government are now bringing forward a procurement bill it’s the prefect time for blacklisting to be highlighted, discussed and debated.”

About Margaret McDougall MSP

MSP for the West Scotland Region

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