Labour MSP calls on SNP to rethink its Budget

West Region Labour MSP Margaret McDougall has called on the SNP to rethink its approach to the budget.

Scottish Labour has identified three key areas which they will negotiate with Finance Secretary John Swinney to boost Scotland economic growth.

–        To reverse the £35million cuts to Scotland’s colleges.

–        To invest all of the additional Autumn Statement capital consequentials in housing:  £330 million over two years

–        To reinstate the full scope of the Edinburgh Glasgow Rail Improvement Project

Labour MSP, Margaret McDougall, said:

“Now is the time for more than sound bites from this Government, we need real action and clever choices to invigorate the economic situation.”

“Now is not the time to cut higher education and cuts to colleges will only further impact my constituents in the North Ayrshire, recent figures show that James Watt College had to turn away over a thousand students in 2012/13.  This Government needs to be on the side of the young people in North Ayrshire and they should realise this is not the way to go about it. More cuts would only further disadvantage those applying to James Watt College which is why Labour are fully backing NUS Scotland campaign to oppose these cuts its time the Government did the same.”

“I’m calling on this Government to allocate the whole £331million in capital spend available through the Autumn Statement consequentials to Housing, to make sure Scotland can deliver on its housing programme to stimulate the economy and provide more jobs.  North Ayrshire has 10,269 homeless and 5535 on their waiting list for housing so it is vital the we prioritise spend on housing”

“Reinstating the Edinburgh Glasgow Rail improvement project will improve transport links and provide job opportunities.”

“These requests are far from unreasonable and this Government needs to take action to improve economic prosperity and opportunity in Scotland

About Margaret McDougall MSP

MSP for the West Scotland Region

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